TOMair is operating a 1942 Piper L-4A Grasshopper, based in Billund (EKBI), Denmark
Appeared at the following Airshows in 2007:
Gothenburg/Saeve, Sweden May 6th, Stauning June 9th, Aalborg Airbase June 10th, Roskilde August 18th & 19th,
Hamburg September 15th & 16th.
Royal Danish AF Airshow 2008 at Helicopter Wing Karup June 8th,
Vintage Aircraft Rally at Stauning June 14th, Gothenburg/Saeve, Sweden August 30th & 31st.
Childrens Aviation Day Gothenborg/Saeve, Sweden May 31st; Vintage Aircraft Rally at Stauning June 13th; Roskilde Airshow August 22nd & 23rd; Gothenburg Aeroshow/Saeve August 29th & 30th.
Airshows 2010:
Royal Danish Air Force Airshow at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup 06 June, Vintage Aircraft Rally at Stauning 12 June.
Gothenburg Aeroshow 28 & 29 August (Harvard only)
"Stützpunkt Nord" Sindal (EKSN) 21 & 22 May
Stauning (EKVJ) 11 June
Vamdrup (EKVD) 13 August
Sindal  (EKSN) 14 August
Filskov 20 August
Roskilde (EKRK) 27 & 28 August (L-4 & Harvard)
Jönköping, Sweden (ESGJ) 4 September (Harvard only)
Ljungbyhed, Sweden (ESTL) 10 September
Hamburg, Germany (EDDH) 24 & 25 September (Static)

OY-ECV painted as a Liaison aircraft of 357th Fighter Group, Leiston, UK June 1944.     Copyright: Christian Damm

TOMair can also provide contact to other operators of exciting (and much more expensive!) aircraft of the WW II period (”Warbirds”) for air displays. For example Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, Harvard etc.

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"Lazy-8" during RDAF Airshow 2008 at Helicopter Wing Karup on June 8th.                         Photo: Copyright Alf Blume
RDAF Airshow 06 June 2010 at Skrydstrup. Harvard SE-FUD (TOM) and SE-FVU (Svante KIlén).                   Photo: Copyright Alf Blume